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Month: March 2019

Smart Home Products That Make Your Life More Efficient

To summarize, I save money, I always have someone to tell me what the temperature is inside and outside my house, I can play music whenever I want it, and my floors are always clean. Can it get any better? 


Black & White Gender Neutral Nursery

When I got pregnant, I just knew that it was a girl. I couldn’t wait to raise a strong, woman, but when we popped a black balloon in front of 30 family and friends and blue confetti came out, I…

Busy Mom’s Guide to Skincare

How many times do you see yourself in the mirror every day? Are you thinking, “yikes!” or are you pleasantly surprised every time? As a new mom, my skin was drab and dull.  Then I found an amazing combination of…

Mini Sessions for the Win

Mini sessions are awesome for a few reasons, but mostly for how little time you need to invest to get an awesome return on investment.

Loopholes or Law?

Where some people call EmRata “pathetic” and think this is a “loophole,” I call that the law.

Appellate Courts Explained

I find myself talking about appeals versus trial courts, but I realize I need a separate post to explain. There are two types of courts – trial courts and appeals courts. Trial courts have “finders of fact.” The finder of…

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