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You Paid Too Much: Operation Varsity Blues

Y’all… I have promised myself to write more this year, but I really wanted to talk about interesting crimes. I swear- the universe has heard my call because the weirdest stories keep breaking. Case on point – the amazing story of parents who felt so much pressure to get their child into “the right school”/any school (?) that they together spent $25,000,000 to guarantee admissions (and the people who helped them).

This could just be a post about parenting and the cost/benefit analysis of allowing your child to fail. But, that’s not what I know.  Uncle Joey’s wife could go to jail. How rude! 

If you’ve been living under a rock – 40 really rich people including Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are facing federal charges for cheating their kids’ way into college. 

Federal sentencing is very interesting… there is a grid that matches your criminal history with your crimes and then there can be enhancements or reductions from there. There are quite a few charges. I can’t math right now, but I bet some of these incredible successful people are facing incarceration. And let’s just say, some of these kids did NOT deserve it. 

If this is what the children of wealthy parents become, then I never want to get rich. (Totally kidding.) My parents came from nothing, obtained wealth and sent me to a very prestigious high school where I went to school with people who had the capabilities to (and probably did) tap resources to kid their kids into certain schools. I know for a fact that one person got in thanks to a call from the President of the United States.  But people don’t retain wealth by wasting it on their undeserving kids.  Trust me, there are private colleges that will accept anyone willing to pay the tuition.

So why did they risk arrest? I am guessing weakness. Either they could not stomach their child going to community college or *gasp* not going to college, or they couldn’t bear for their child who doesn’t really care about school being disappointed. Either way – that money could have been invested in a high-yield inherited IRA and a promise that, if all else fails…if these kids get their ass out into the real world and get a job, they can retire one day.

The bubble of a privileged upbringing burst for me at 25. It was a rude awakening, but I always knew it was coming. I am so proud of my parents’ accomplishments, and I understood that they struggled to throw me out there. (I even asked them for help at 27 and they said, “no.”)

Being financially successful should detriment your child. Teach your kids that honest, hard work is the only way to succeed and keep your success. Because if not, you may be giving life lessons from the wrong-side of a plexiglass window.





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