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In 2014, I made two huge life choices: first, I became Mrs. Michael Rainka then I threw caution to the wind and started Plata Schott Attorneys & Counselors at Law with my law partner, Belkis. Two years later, I added “mom” to my resume, which made life so much easier!

Through extremely hard, honest work, I have achieved professional success, become an expert in my field and been locally and nationally recognized. My business had boomed without any financial assistance, only the modest capital contribution that my law parter and I first committed to get started. I have learned so, so much about efficient productivity.  It’s become like second nature so much so that I have started running my household like a business.  No, I’m not “working” at home, but when it comes to time-management, day-to-day chores, and our present and future finances, I tend to apply my successfully, thriving business owner skills to my life… and it works.  I work smarter, not harder at home and at the office to have the personal and professional like that works for me and my family.

Being a good wife/mom/friend/human is hard.  Add “working” in front of that and there is extra layer of hard.  This blog is meant to share, commiserate, offer solutions to common working-mom problems, but help all parents harness the tools of corporate America to achieve success (whatever that means to you) and get the most out of whatever life you’re living.

I wake up every day ready to do more, see more, and be more, and I never rest on my laurels. Join me on this journey.

Never Rest,

Mrs. Make It Rainka

Jack Rogers
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