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Well, hello there.  Thanks for stopping by. Time is money, so this blog is all about getting to the point.

I am a 30-something mom, wife, sister, daughter,  lawyer, and a business owner with a little side hustle.  I enjoy writing and do so for a local charity (more on that later).

I’m lucky to have two awesome parents who split their time between Florida with me and Massachusetts with my sister, Courtney.  “Court Monstah” and her wonderful boyfriend fiancé, “Paul” live in Andover, MA. Follow Court @schottc12 to see all of the beautiful details of her upcoming wedding! #ExMarksTheSchott

I’m also SUPER lucky to have my husband, Michael. He literally keeps things going around here.  Follow Mike @makinitrainka. My son, Henry is just the sweetest little monster. You can follow him @hankdatinytank on Instagram. My business partner, Belkis is the best influence on me.  My “business owner” status is definitely dependent on her. Follow Belkis @libra_law

Looking forward to sharing thoughts on the law, current events, work-life balance, adulting, and momming with you all!

XOXO, Mrs. Make It Rainka

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about Shannon

I'm an award-winning, expert lawyer with a life and style in Jacksonville, Florida helping professional women and their families after an injury or arrest.