Before & After House Renovation: Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can always make a house feel more like a home. 

If you read my post about buying our house, you know that this house was very brown we we bought it. I lived with a brown house for two years until we finally painted the whole thing with Sherwin Williams Rock Candy. 

We added a new (black) roof about two years later, and white gutters. 

We boxed in the columns (which were just 2×4 planks initially) and painted everything, including the trim and the eves with The Perfect White by Valspar.  Not picutred: the haint blue porch ceiling (SW Swimming). 

We painted the door black (not well…that was my fault), switched out the door handle and added a ring door bell. We also switched out all of the electrical and added modern, floating house numbers. 

The final touch were the shutters from Amazon. They were fairly hard to add because we required two sets of masonry drill bits (the first set got so worn down) and we had to use an older power drill that was actually plugged in since the cordless couldn’t last long enough to drill the masonry. 

The rest is just maintenance and upkeep.  We pressure was the concrete every year to make sure it looks fresh since there are two oak trees overhead that cause the concrete to get dingy. 

We also ripped out a lot of the shrubbery and (my husband has ) works hard to maintain a lovely garden, hanging plants and potted trees and plans on the porch.

This work is not for the faint of heart. We did it all (except the roof and gutters). Yes, we did the electrical. Painting brick is nerve wracking (you cannot undo it) and it’s incredibly hard work. We needed a lot of childcare to be able to do these projects on the weekends and they look allllll day, all weekend (sometimes multiple weekends) to complete. 

By doing these projects ourselves, we saved so. much. money. You can learn how to do literally everything on YouTube including replacing light fixtures safely.

I’ve linked more photos below and links to some of the products that we used. 



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