Custom Air Force 1s

I literally don’t know how I got myself roped into this plan, but recently I made custom Air Force 1s with my son. It all started with some shorts that my sister gave Henry for his birthday. They were adorable, but he didn’t love them. We have a rule that if you don’t love something, you should exchange it for something you really love. Interestingly, as a child, I accepted all gifts and wouldn’t be caught dead returning a gift, but my sister was always honest. So really, this is her fault. We went to Nordstrom to return the shorts, and I being the hip, modern mother that I am, told my six-year-old that he could have anything he wanted (except candy). He picked the most expensive pair of shoes that he had ever owned in pristine white. When he returned and showed his father, Mike said, “we could paint those!” So, it was actually his fault. The next thing I know, I am watching Youtube videos and ordering the good leather paint. We did a splatter (actually, “spatter“) look. It was honestly not that difficult. I’ll share the behind-the-scenes and final product with you all this week on my social channels.

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