Define “self-made…”

People are losing it over the “self-made” part of Kylie’s latest honor. I’m not about putting other women down. Kylie Jenner is an accomplished, ambitious twenty-something who worked her butt off to earn TEN figures. Bravo, Kylie.

But we know she started with a few million thanks to hitting the gene-pool/family lottery AND a sex tape seen ’round the world. Not to mention her parents’ signing off.

She didn’t inherit it, but she did support herself from 15-years-of-age on. So what should we call this very Trump-like accomplishment?

This seems to be the case of news media wanting an enticing headline. “Kylie Jenner becomes millionaire at 21 after making smart financial choices and good investments” isn’t as appealing as “youngest” or “first” or “Kardsahian/Jenner.”

There are billionaires who literally had dollars in their pocket, and built a fortune. It just takes a lot longer when you didn’t have millions to start. And that’s ok.

The “uproar” is just another lesson in how to be a good consumer of news media. It’s a riveting story, not wholly correct, but nonetheless impressive. Now, let’s just hope that Forbes uses this moment to find the real self-made millionaires like Jacksonville-local, Shahid Khan and widely-publicizes their stories too.

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