Defining Success

What Is Success? Who has it? How to I achieve it? This podcast asks the question and seeks to find the answer. I’m interviewing the most “successful” people that I can find. Know someone that I should interview? Email me:

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  • Episode Three - Hank Coxe November 22, 2019
    Growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, all the kids knew that if you get into trouble there was only one person to call - Hank Coxe. Hank, an criminal defense attorney, started his career as a prosecutor.  He has held the some of most prestigious leadership positions in her profession and is truly a legal legend […]
    Shannon Schott
  • Episode Two - Belkis Plata November 15, 2019
    In 2014, I asked Belkis to join me in opening a law firm. We were both unhappy at our jobs at the Office of the Public Defender in Jacksonville, Florida due to the state of the office and the limited opportunities for upward mobility (although we loved the work).  I knew a little bit about […]
    Shannon Schott
  • Episode One - Pilot November 8, 2019
    Here we go! I'm Shannon Schott, the person behind the Mrs. Make It Rainka brand. Success, for me has been an elusive concept although on paper I have "checked the boxes" of success. I'm am a partner at a law firm, mom, wife, leader in various organizations et cetera, et cetera. But this concept of […]
    Shannon Schott

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