Spring Break 2023

SB23 is almost here!  Last year we were bundled up in snow gear, this year, we are heading to the lowcountry. For us, vacations are

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Dr. Seuss Party

My son is learning to read and Dr. Seuss is read a lot in our house. His school does a very cute annual Green Eggs

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Feathered Finds

This time of year makes me want to wear feathers. Why? No idea! But feathers are everywhere right now. Shop my feathered finds below.

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Legal Correspondent

Monday was very exciting around Plata Schott Law –  Both Belkis (my law partner) and I were on the local news discussing the Aiden Fucci trial

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Taverna is our go-to for brunch, lunch, and dinner. It’s a rustic Italian restaurant in San Marco that did its predecessor, Café Carmon, justice. I

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