12 Days of Christmas Gift Guides: Mom & Baby

Happy Holidays! 

I am sharing all of gift guides to really narrow down the best gifts for the people in your life. Shipping may be an issue this year, but you should be good if you order before December 15th! 

If you haven’t already seen my holiday gift guide, check out here. 

Sooooo… I’m not going to name names, but some of you are getting a quarantine souvenir and it shows. I am getting a new niece!

New moms need comfy clothes, a way to keep her coffee warm and flowing, and all the things to help her mentally and physically recharge. 

For babies, I love plush gifts especially Jelly Cats, adorable clothes and useful gadgets and gear! 

Cheers to all of the COVID babies! (I will never not call them that.)

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