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Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 3.30.53 PMIf you don’t already send out a Christmas card, then I am guessing unlike me, your mother didn’t dress you and your siblings in matching regalia annual for this ritual. For as long as I have been alive, my mom has sent a Christmas card with a photo. And I can tell you, for 30 or the last 35 years that was NOT easy! She had to literally mount the photo onto the card, and hand address all 250 cards annually. Yes, 250 cards.

I have kept the tradition alive since college. Since I was married in 2014, I send at least 150 cards for the holidays or the new year. And thankfully, companies like Minted make it SO easy to create, address and mail our annual holiday cheer to our family and friends all over the world.

You, yes you can do it too! Here is how I make it happen as easily as possible and keep the costs low.

The List:

Every year, I hoard envelopes that I receive from friends and update all of my addresses in an excel spreadsheet. I created the excel spreadsheet when I got married, and it has come in very handy whenever I need to have addresses handy like birth announcements, party invitations and my Christmas cards.

The Photo:

Every year, we sit for formal pictures at least once as a family. Generally, that’s in the fall so we can guarantee a beautiful Christmas Card. Sometimes, I just use a professional photo from another event like a family wedding.

Mini sessions are a great way to get great photos to use for a Christmas card or just to frame in your home. But a simple google search can teach you how to capture a good photo during early morning or late afternoon (“the golden hour”) A tripod and bluetooth remote or self-timer coupled with some editing could achieve great results.

The Card:

I generally wait for the photo before I pick the card. Minted always has excellent Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, so I look out for their catalogue each November especially the promo codes! I generally save 15%-40% each year if I plan ahead!

I don’t want to spoil the surprise this year, but here are some of my favorite from Minted’s Holiday Collection 2019.  Click here to shop the whole, beautiful collection.

Shop Beautiful Holiday Cards

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