Momma needs a cocktail… stat. But I’ve got a hodgepodge of ingredients. What to do?

It starts with the liquor. Vodka? Gin? Wine? Whatever the base of your cocktail is, you want to make sure that everything else meshes together for a delicious taste. For example, let’s say all you can find is whipped cream flavored vodka. Yikes! No need to fret. Think about what goes with whipped cream… pie? Maybe a berry? So I’s muddle some berries and dilute the liquor with a soda or maybe even milk!

Tonight I have Ketel One Botanical Peach and Orange Blossom, a lime, San Pellegrino and really good orange juice. This is my go-to blend… something light, citrusy and a little carbonated. I also love vodka.

I start with a cup of ice. I pour a pinky-high pour of the liquor. Next, add the more concentrated mixer (in this case the OJ).

Then dilute it (with the San Pelligrino. La Croix is great too.) Finally, I add my garnish (and in this case I squeeze it first). Stir and enjoy!

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