How to Find Childcare on Vacation

Last year, I did something liberating – I hired a babysitter on vacation! I worked for a summer at Chatham Bars Inn in Massachusetts and the hotel informally connected employees with guests to babysit. Flash forward ten years, there are amazing companies that specialize in summer childcare so you can enjoy a date night on vacation.

How does it work?

You agree to communicate with the sitter through the website/app/company ONLY. You  normally pay a one-time-only agency fee, agree to an hourly rate and a minimum. If there are lots of kids, check the rates per child, because they can vary.

Companies That Offer the Service:

Here are three companies that I have used and was happy with. (DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any of these companies. I may no guarantees about the quality of care or the safety of you child(ren) when using these services.) Serving lots of cities across the US. The website is easy to use, and the company has an app. Each sitter has reviews posted and the company is very transparent about safety. Apparently this is a subsidiary of, which has a a wide-following and is very reputable. This branch caters to parents in hotels.

Summer Sitters : This is a MA specific service. They are a smaller company, but every sitter has been amazing.

Hiring a sitter on vacation? How did it go? Tag me @mrsmakeitrainka and let me know!


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