I just want to blog and be lazy

I get it all the time, “how do you do it all?!” The answer is that I don’t but what I do accomplish is due to the fact that I prioritize what I want to give my time and attention to, and that I try to work quickly and efficiently. But I am currently in a stage of my life where my priority list is getting smaller and smaller. I have to run my business, I have to meet my obligations at home and to my clients, I have to raise my son. Family time is a non-negotiable and time with friends. I am trying to do less and less and say, “no” more. It’s really hard to bow out of things that I have done for years. I have established myself someone who is “good” at volunteering and helping out with events or serving in leadership, but I have to step down.

Rather than work on fundraisers, I am prioritizing my health and wellness and making time to exercise and maybe play a little tennis. Rather than field endless emails and issues for another organization, I am going to spend more time being creative and blogging, which I really enjoy. Interestingly, I feel more guilty not giving my time and treasure to others than I do pushing myself to show up for others and leave my family at home. Reconditioning myself to feel the exact opposite is a challenge, but it’s my plight at the moment.

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