Best of Jax: Cowford Chophouse

I remember the 2005 Super Bowl in Jacksonville when a sketchy guy was standing in the threshold of one of the Jaguar-painted doors of the famous (in Jacksonville) Bostwick Building.  He claimed to be the owner of the building and was letting people take a peek inside.  He also claimed that they were turning the long-vacant building a restaurant.

This was exciting for a few reasons:

(1) At the time there was approximately four restaurants open for dinner in downtown Jacksonville;

(2) It’s literally the first thing that you see when you drive into downtown Jacksonville across the iconic Main Street Bridge; and

(3)  I love a good survival story.

12 years. 12 years! I waited and waited.  Finally, Thursday October 25, 2017, I got to enjoy the glory of Cowford Chophouse.  And again on Friday.

First, the interior design is fabulous. They decorated the Chophouse impeccably. The interior design is simply beautiful, and I’m lusting for the custom furniture  There is a secret door hiding the private dining, and a pretty amazing roof-top bar.

The owner took special case to honor the old building and its history.  They even commissioned the artist who painted the Jaguar on the building to paint magnificent Old Florida pasture scenes.  The bar and elevator boast salvaged wood from the old building. 

Second, they have a champagne and caviar bar.

Finally, the food!  So far, I have had the chopped salad with steak.  Ate the whole thing.  I also tried the BLAT and the blue cheese fries.  No one in my party complained about the meal.

The only complaints: my poor mother didn’t understand that the door handle was stationary and not a lever and waited for way too long for the loo. Someone who will remain unnamed complained that the salad was not actually chopped. {Hard eye roll}.

The verdict: Cowford Chophouse is an awesome spot for a working lunch or a celebration.  Run, don’t walk to Jacksonville’s newest chophouse.

XOXO, Mrs. Make It Rainka


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