My Best Tips to Wrap Gifts Beautifully

I’m pretty sure wrapping is a polarized issues – either you love it or you hate it. 

I love, love, love wrapping, but I hate the logistics of purchasing  Fun fact, I was a professional gift wrapper for a few holiday breaks and I learned a really key tips: Always add a decorative finish like a bow, or an ornament tied to a ribbon, keep your colors consistent, mix textures and always pinch the edges. 

Obviously, you want to make sure to use consistent colors and hues in your wrapping, but by finishing the wrapping with a defined edge, every package just looks neat and clean. 

High-quality thick paper (like Sugar Paper from Target) make it so much easier to wrap. I have so many more amazing tips and tricks that I have saved on Pinterest

Shop my favorite wrapping this holiday season below! 


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