My Kind of Quarantine Mask

My skin can finally breathe! It has not gone so long without makeup since before my parents allowed me to wear makeup circa 1996. Plus, no sunlight? I have never enjoyed better skin. 

To give my skin even more love, I am rotating between a few of my favorite masks (plus I’m drinking lots of water!) 

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Here are my recommendations to give your skin the best quarantine life. 

Mask Prep: 

Make sure you have clean, dry skin. I recommend using salicylic acid cleanser to open your pores and a Makeup Eraser to make sure your makeup  (if wearing any) is gone. 

Masks for Congestion:

Aztec Secret

The ultimate AMAZON FIND! My friend told me about this mask years ago, and I love it. It’s perfect to detoxify and deep clean your skin. Mix with apple cider vinegar for maximum use.  I use a mixing bowl and brush for the whole process. 

beauty counter + Charcoal Mask.

This mask dries quickly and the charcoal sucks up all of the impurities. It’s a quick and easy mask with maximum results.

Masks to Resurface:

Drunk Elephant TLC Baby Facial

I cannot say enough about this mask. It is going  You can only use it every two weeks and you must couple it with the Marula oil to prevent over-drying. It’s like a microdermabrasion at home! 

The Peter Thomas Roth line of masks has some incredible masks including the thermal mask. It gives you a nice clean sweep that is not as intense as the TLC baby facial. Great for biweekly use! 

Mask to Glow!

The Peter Thomas Roth 14k Gold Mask is the prefect quick glow-up for your skin. I love using it before an event to give my skin a little shine. 

How to Remove Your Mask

Use really hot water and a wash cloth. Wipe the mask off by wiping the washcloth in tiny circles to exfoliate while you clean. 

Post-Mask Care

Masks can dry your skin, so a serum is always helpful. I like the Drunk Elephant Marula OilB-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum or Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum.


Tag my @mrsmakeitrainka if you find a mask you love!

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