#NSale 2019: My Must-Haves


Are you excited?? I found my Nordstrom Card, and I am ready to save on my favorite Nordstrom brands for me like Spanx, Halogen, BP, Tory Burch, and Steven Madden. I am a creature of habit so that I can be super efficient, and my goals for the Nordstrom Sale are to stock up on everything that I have worn out or used up.

  1. How Shopping Annual Sales Save You Time and Money

The Annual Sale is one way that I personally save money. Counter-intiutive, right? My very financially savvy friend, Mallory taught me this trick 10 years ago… shop the store that you love and get the basics that you really need and will use for the year ahead. In the long run, you save because if tours going to buy that same product in a month, you won’t get the same price. It requires discipline not to shop throughout the year, but it has absolutely helped me save in the long run.

2. What Are “the Basics?”

Like everything else in my life, I have trained myself to be methodical in everything that I do down to my closet. I wear black, grey, white, camel/beige/nude, navy metallics and then throw in some bright blues and pinks in the summer. That’s about it. (I’ve previously shared my mom uniform, which emphasizes that.)  I tend to have amore traditional, timeless style and I know what brands I like and exactly how they fit me. I actually HATE trying on clothes, so you will never see me doing a “haul” post.

I know what shoes, accessories and beauty products I like, and while I am always down to try something new, I don’t buy things without a million recommendations or serious research first.

So the basics are your go-to clothes, shoes, accessories as well as beauty products.

3. You Gotta Live A Little

One place where I do stray from the basics are jewelry, especially earrings. Earrings are a cheaper and easy way to jazz up the same old outfit year to year. I also like to purchase gifts for holidays and because we have a huge family and $15 at the Nordstrom sale in July is better than $15 at Wai-Mart in December.

4. The Picks!

So here is what I am buying in order of biggest savings!

$1-$50 Savings

Low-Rise Hanky Panky Thongs $16.90 (down from $22) Necessary!

Regular-Rise Hanky Panky Thong $16.90 (down from $25)

Steven Madden Winnie Sneaker Bootie $59.90 (down from $89.95)

Vince Camuto Open-Toe Swede Booties $99 (down from $145.90)

Vince Camuto Creep Sheath Dress $91.90 (down from $139) Perfect for work!

Faux Leather Leggings SPANX® $64.90 (down from $98). LOVE LOVE LOVE these. 

BP V-neck Tee in solid and stripe. $11.90 (down from $15) I LOVE this shirt.

Halogen Faux Moto Jacket $85.90 (down from $129 )

Halogen Single Button Blazer in leopard $89.90 (down from $139)… or in black

Halogen Long-Sleeved Cashmere Shirt $64.90 (down from $98)  I buy this EVERY year.

Halogen v-neck blouse $49.90 (down from $69). Perfect for dressing up jeans.

Halogen Flowy Shift Dress $65.90 (down from $99). Another great work dress.

$50.01-$150 Savings

Halogen Tweed Blazer $98.90 (down from $149)

Paige Skyline Skinny Jeans Transcend $109.90 (down from $189)

Tory Burch Everly Flat $164.90 (down from $248)

$150.01+ Savings

Rag & Bone Cate Ankle Skinny $166.90 (down from $250) Just got my first pair of Rag & Bone and I may have been wearing them for two weeks straight…

Tory Burch Everly Boot $299 (down from $498) At a whopping $206 saving, these are what I am MOST excited to snag!

Going to the Nordstrom Sale? Tag me @mrsmakeitrainka and let me know what you got! Happy Shopping!











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