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This New Year’s Eve was particularly fun because we celebrated my little sister’s engagement!  Engagements are meant to be the time in your life when your friends and family shower you with love and support.  Sadly, not all couples get to that feeling due to any number of unfortunate circumstances.  Worse still, some couples push away the ones that they love with bad behavior.

For the happy couple, it is important to remember that you chose to get married, and a marriage is about building a life, not just planning a wedding.  Don’t let the details bog you down and stress you out.

For friends and family, this is a huge choice (or at least it should be).  It takes just one friend or family member to make a positive impact on the life a an engaged couple, and small gifts are a great way to get the couple excited about their wedding and show your support. 

Most people get engaged and their first gift is obviously wedding magazines. Unfortunately for my friends and family, I collected more than 40 magazines in the 13 years prior to my engagement.  In 2000, I picked up my very first issue of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. Since then, I have been hoarding articles and ideas in a binder (or two) that my closest girls lovingly call, “the Book”  I still have the Book and I am so excited to share it with my sister who is getting married in the fall. Between the book and my ridiculous Pinterest boards, #exmarkstheschott will be amazing.

Other great gifts for the happy couple include glassware, flatware, something personalized from Etsy to commemorate the engagement date, which takes a back seat to their wedding anniversary in the future.  And of course, a handmade gift basket personalized for the bride is always a sweet gift.  A really practical gift is a ring cleaner, ad Dazzle Pen or a ring sizer.

The worst thing to give the happy couple is an attitude.  Yes, weddings can be expensive, inconvenient and/or interfere with your big plans, but remember – everyone deserves a happy celebration of their love.  And to the couples, be gracious and keep your eye on the commitment that you’re making.

Congratulations to the love birds!

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