Our Engagement Story

You’re not going to believe this… we won this.

No really, won it. In a lovely little competition called Diamond Dash hosted by International Diamond Center in Tampa Bay. (Enjoy the embarrassing video.)

Since October (11 days before my birthday, 2.5 months before Christmas, 2.75 months before New Years, and 4 months and 8 days before St.Valentine’s Day) this lovely ring sat in my sweet boyfriend’s drawer. BIG holidays came and went. I got some beautiful gifts, even a blue box or two, but no ring.

Per ush (short for usual) I got bratty. Like, really bratty. On Valentine’s Day, a beautiful arrangement was waiting for me and a bag. Inside was a box, and luckily, my fiance is not totally cliche and it was not The Ring.

Inside was a sweet little necklace with a little aquamarine stone. I loved it! BUT I wanted that damn ring.

I left the next day for an amazing Miss. America themed bachelorette party for my sweet friend, Corey. I decided rather than go home, I would invite Mike to join me for our day off (MLK Day). He accepted! We stayed at the River Street Inn (which is haunted), but it was so lovely.

Mike was cool as a cucumber. We went sightseeing. We shopped. We had lunch. When we went to check-in at the hotel, Mike had a box. I was pissed! Not another gift that isn’t The Ring!!

I knew something was up when he wanted to go for a walk. We went down to the boardwalk and I opened my prezy (short for present).

It was a shitty old trophy that I bought him as a gag gift the previous year as a prize for dating me for one whole year. I thought that we were going to make a tradition of gifting it and re-gifting it back and forth. So cute!  But then…I flipped it over.

Of course, I said “yes, yes, a million times YES!”

And we are off! So excited to plan our BIG day! And that Valentine’s Day gift? It’s my “something blue.” He is so clever!

Little did Mike know, people love newly engaged couple. He had no idea how much free stuff you can scoop up out of this situation! So I taught him a few things and got us free dessert 😉


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