Four Services to Help You Run Your Household with A Full-Time Job


Once I was in trial for several days, and the judge had us in court at 8:00AM and wouldn’t let us finish before 7:00PM.   This was annoying because the judge, the prosecutor and even my co-counsel had a wife (or a mother) to handle all of the things that I was responsible for in my household. My suit for court the next morning wasn’t magically going to arrive from the dry cleaner, and my groceries would not be waiting for me when I got home.  At that time, the time that I used to accomplish these simple tasks just kept me away from home and my family longer.

A mere three years later, I’ve managed to find a way to work for a full day and guarantee that there are diapers and toothpaste a plenty at the house even when I have to work a little later than expected. And I never miss our son’s bedtime routine. Like any superpower, outsourcing is the key to keeping the machine moving forward. Here are four services that I use to make that happen.

To Put Dinner on the Table…

I use Blue Apron are currently keeping my family fed.  The meals are $10 and sometimes enough to save for lunch the next day.  I don’t always remember to pick my meals, so sometimes I get a few weird ones. However, when I do pick what I like, I have been mostly pleased.  I have heard complaints that the meals are “all the same,” but I personally don’t mind having meals that I like again.  Plus they have rolled out a ton of other programs like wine and cheese (yes, please!)

To Stock the Fridge…

Day to day, Shipt keeps the groceries coming. I have definitely saved money using Shipt because I don’t buy a single thing more than what I need even though I pay a little more for groceries and tip. The shoppers in our area do a great job. Any grocery delivery service is worth the subscription and will change your life. Amazon has a program now too!

To Stock the Pantry….

To Amazon Prime Subscribe and Save and Shipt’s new deliveries from Target are the key to keeping my house stocked with all the basic necessities.  FYI –  Shipt goes to the liquor store too.

To Get to Work When Your Husband Takes Your Keys…

Sometimes your husband blocks you in and/or takes the keys or you get a flat tire and Uber saves the day.

To Guarantee That You’ve Got Something To Wear…

Or you simply don’t have anything clean to wear… Rent the Runway has you covered!

Forgot to Book a Babysitter…

We have a local service that can provide childcare last-minute.  Check your local listings for something similar as they are popping up all over. looks promising, but I am a fan of the local services.

Yes, there are many more paid services available, but don’t go crazy.  If your time in the office is more valuable than fighting the lines at the grocery store, then it makes sense to outsource.  But if you’re just spending, and spending on things that you could do, but choose not to, maybe work these errands into your schedule. Work when you’re supposed to work, and use the resources of our modern era so you can enjoy your time with your family when work ends.

XOXO, Mrs. Make It Rainka

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