Patriotic AF

What’s the opposite of patriotism? Arguably, apathy. 

The majority of Americans do not agree with what the government has done since 2016 when 52% of Americans who were eligible turned out to vote and Donald Trump became President.  We knew by the end of 2017 that the majority of Americans disagreed with the agenda of the majority in power but yet a minority of Americans have held us all hostage for the last seven years. Althought there was some improvement in 2020, there are still more Americans (especially young Americans) who need to register and show up.

Why? Apathy. So many Americans are disappointed by our elected officials, yet rather than rally the vote, so many are saying “fuck this.” It has to stop.

There is a war raging on the other side of the world and no matter how bad we think our American circumstances are right now, the people of Ukraine are literally dying to preserve one person, one vote also knowns as Democracy.

It isn’t perfect. There will always be a minority and major of opinions. But, when we treat our glorious God-given right as Americans to VOTE as a golden ticket and we exercise that right in every election… the majority of opinions will be in the room and at the table when decisions that affect us all are made. 

The great lie that the majority of Americans tell themselves and others is that their vote doesn’t count. 


We are literally months away from the midterm elections. Congress could and should accurately represent the majority of American opinions in 6 months. It is possible. 

This Independence Day, you may not feel like celebrating our nation. Instead, put on some red, white, and blue and chant “USA! USA! USA!” as you register to vote. 

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