Everything I Use To Look & Feel Fabulous


I first discovered make-up in middle school. I did  everything that I could to learn how to wear it. I have continued my education through much-younger vloggers and YouTube stars. Brands and colors are simply a matter of preference, but using the the right type of products and the right technique can actually make your make-up routine easier and faster. Shop my favorite makeup and tools below.


BUT – you need a good canvas for makeup to look its best. I discovered daily lotion with SPA around age 25 when I noticed wrinkles developing. I started serious damage control and while I can never wholly turn back the clock, I have invested in some amazing products that have helped erase years of sun damage. Shop all of my skin and beauty products below!


Yes, I am a natural blonde. No, my blonde isn’t that blonde without a lot of help. If you’re a follower of my Instagram and blog, you know I am not a big hair person. I use to slave away to achieve big, wavy hair perfectly placed ten years ago. Now I use the products below to have healthy, natural hair that I can throw a comb through and call it a day! 

Body, Mind and Soul

It only took me 31 years to realize that my skin is the largest organ of my body. I wasn’t taking the best care of the skin not on my face. When I got pregnant, I got serious about organic, non-toxic products to keep me and my family safe. Here are a few that I really love. 

I shamefully don’t do all that I can to take care of my mind and soul, but I am working on it. Here are some more products that I use to reduce stress, relax, and live a more mindful existence. 

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