Small Businesses Need Us More Than Ever

I’m pretty sure that March 13, 2020, is a day that will live in infamy like September 11, 2001, or November 22, 1963. I will never forget where I was. I knew as my son’s teacher was handing off his school supplies to take home, that we were in trouble. The West Coast was already sharing warnings of the quarantine to come. But finally, it was in our community. Schools were closing. Businesses would be shut down. 

My small business immediately went virtual. We cringed as judicial proceedings transferred to Zoom. I tried to work and teach my 3-year-old while my husband also tried to keep his small business alive. We applied, and applied, and applied for every loan, grant, assistance available to avoid firing staff. I am not ashamed to admit that the stars aligned for us as we barely made it through the Spring. 

Every day I drive up and down San Jose Boulevard/Hendricks Avenue in Jacksonville. My whole world is up and down this main road. I have tried to continue to support my favorite small businesses that line my commute, but there are lots of empty storefronts. It will take a while for our community to recover, and all of our community small businesses are very much at risk until the restrictions cease. So this Small Business Saturday, give as much as you can to small businesses. Don’t forget that gift cards are always an excellent way to support a small business and give a gift! 

I’ve shared my favorite small businesses below (although this is not an exclusive list!)

Coffee Shops

Bold Bean (San Marco, Riverside, Jax Beach)

Vagabond Coffee (Murray Hill)


Congaree & Penn (Northside)

Jacksonville ZOO (technically not small but still support!)

The Escape Game (Town Center)


Rosenblum’s (Lakewood, Jax Beach)

Beau Outfitters  (San Marco)

The Wardroom (San Marco)

Cypress Floral (Downtown)

Swoozies (Town Center) 

Kids Shops

Hayday (San Marco)

Candy Shops

Sweet Pete’s


Food & Drinks

Manifest Distillery (Downtown) 

The Volstead

Grape & Grain Exchange 

(all local restaurants!)


San Marco Books

Chamblin’s (Downtown, Ortega)

Salon & Spa

Unique Nails (San Marco)

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