Under the Desk Treadmill

Only one thought comes to mind when I think about this thing – GAME CHANGER. I struggle to get my steps or any cardio in. For the last four years, yes, FOUR YEARS, I have slowly implemented real habits that have changed my life focusing on one big thing at a time like knowing when I am most productive, when to get up and move and how to really focus. (I even hired a success coach.) I made taking vitamins a habit. Cutting sugar out of my morning coffee. Drinking less. All the things. But cardio was one thing that I just couldn’t make a thing in my life. I felt too much guilt about leaving my desk and too much guilt not spending time with family in the evening and then knowing I needed to rest at other times. I got a sauna blanket to mimic the health benefits of cardio, but I looked out my window every day desperate to walk around.

Then – I went to a meeting with the elected state attorney who has a standing desk and treadmill. Brilliant! I thought. I checked Amazon and was shocked at how relatively affordable good options were. I made a $259 investment into my health and I’ve actually been consistent by working it into my daily routine. If I am working, I’m walking. It’s literally a step in the right direction. 




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