Year 33

I celebrated a birthday recently.  In my family, birthdays are about reflecting on the year past and preparing for the year ahead by setting goals.

Goals, you see, are the driving force behind all things positive in my life. And there are many positives.

My parents sit down every year and write their goals. My husband and I (try) to set goals every month. I set my goals every year on my birthday and my son will (hopefully) do the same starting at age 5(ish).

I truly believe in the power of goal setting. I am luck to mentor young people and I always share my goal writing with them. A goal is truly a dream, and I love dreaming about what the accomplishment looks like realized. Each goal seem a tad bit unrealistic, but that’s what I said one, two, five… ten years ago, and I accomplish all but (the same) two goals every year.

At least once a week, I look back at my goals scrawled into my planner. I always have the previous year’s planner with me, and the goals are always tucked into the back. I love to reflect on them and think about why I chose that goal as I look up from my plans for the future and realize that my present is the realized goal. And I think about the time and the people who helped me get there. As a result, this reflection helps me to be more present and appreciative of the people in my life. I highly recommend it.

This year- I’m going to share my goals and my progress. As usual, I’ve included (the same) two goals that I never achieve. Can you guess what they are?

1. Earn more. Spend Less.

2. More side-hustlin‘.

3. Work 9-5 four days/week and one hour less (or more) one day/week for some quality family time.

4. Volunteer once a month.

5. Renew passport and travel!

6. Limit dairy and meat in my diet.

7. Get svelt for my sister’s wedding.

8. Be more thoughtful and considerate.

9. Girls’ night once a month!

10. Win the lottery.

11. Finish my house renovation!

12. Take care of my teeth.

13. Take better care of my back.

14. Audition for something.

I’ll keep you posted.

XOXO, Mrs. Make It Rainka




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