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For a decade now, I have represented thousands of people injured or arrested in Duval County, Florida. In 2016, I became an Board Certified expert in Juvenile Law. I am committed to excellence and professionalism and serve as a leader in my legal community. I cherish my client relationships and strive to be the first call for a person in need of legal help. Even if I cannot help, I am happy to get you to the best person for the job.

Media and Honors

Shannon Schott Named "Ultimate Attorney: the Best of the Best"

How have you seen the legal field change in your years practicing? Wellness seems to be more important than ever. Technology is allowing us to practice from anywhere in the world at any time of the day. Gone are the days of being chained to a desk, and that allows us to achieve work/life balance and to be present with our family if we use this ability well. In turn, we are better able to practice law with better mental and physical health and wellness.

Shannon Schott named an 2020 Ultimate Attorney Best of the Best.

Shannon Schott named Super Lawyer “Rising Star” 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020.

Shannon Schott, “10” out of “10” on

Shannon Schott becomes one of the youngest Florida Bar attorneys to be Board Certified and one of the first to be certified Juvenile Law.

Shannon Schott named an Ultimate Attorney in 2018 by Jacksonville Business Journal.

Shannon Schott featured as Leader In the Law by Jacksonville Daily Record.

Shannon Schott and Belkis Plata on the cover of Attorney at Law Magazine in  “Powerful Partners.

Shannon discussing the need for preparation for solo and small law firms. 

“It’s an uncomfortable feeling to know that I was  being watched in the bedroom,” January, 2019 Shannon Schott representing a man who found hidden cameras in his Airbnb.

“Our client has experienced some pretty horrific things in her past,” [Shannon] Schott said. “She’s been trafficked and she’s been raped.” First Coast News, April 30, 2018.

“Just to understand the power an attorney can have in one person’s life. Obviously, I can’t help everybody, but I know how much I can do for her. In every case, the time and attention I give individuals and see them returned to their lives is very heartwarming for me.” -Shannon Schott, 2018 Ultimate Attorney RecipientJacksonville Business Journal, March 26, 2018 3/26/18

“She was convicted the moment that she was charged, and that is something that we as a society need to work on.” -Shannon Schott, The Chat February 15, 2016 discussing Casey Anthony.

Shannon Schott, a NORML attorney available for questions about marijuana.

“The standard right now is best interest of the child…and what Governor Scott said is that the best interest needs to be considered in every case.” -Shannon Schott, The Chat, April 18, 2016 discussing permanent alimony.

“The challenges that we’re facing now are the lack of understanding and fear mongering that’s taking place by law enforcement agencies,” said Shannon Schott, an attorney for NORML, a non-profit advocacy group. “Medical marijuana is already being sold in Florida, Amendment 2 expands the base of physicians who can prescribe and patients who can receive medication.” – Shannon Schott, October 26, 2016, First Coast News discussing Medical Marijuana and a warning from law enforcement about Halloween candy

Shannon Schott becomes one of the youngest Florida Bar attorneys to be Board Certified and one of the first to be certified Juvenile Law.

“Take advantage of professional, alumni and community organizations. You will meet so many people who can offer rewarding volunteer opportunities.” -Shannon Schott, Daily Record, Attorney Snapshot  2011

Shannon Schott discusses her client and human trafficking survivor, Alyssa Beck with The Florida Times-Union.

Shannon Schott and Belkis Plata marry dozens of same-sex couples  in the wake of the the clerk of courts refusing to marry them after the legalization of same-sex marriage. 2016

“If she gets called to the stand, she could say things that implicate him for more than just child neglect and could mean murder charges, based on what she says,” Schott told First Coast News discussing the Lonzie Barton murder.

Shannon Schott discusses human trafficking survivor, Alyssa Beck on 48 Hours: Live to Tell March 31, 2018.

“I think really what is going to make a difference is the eye witness testimony,” Schott added.” – Shannon Schott discussing a retired sheriff’s deputy shooting a bank robbery suspect.

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