Shannon Schott, Esq.

Award-winning, expert attorney in Jacksonville, Florida

For a decade now, I have represented thousands of people injured or arrested in Duval County, Florida. In 2016, I became an Board Certified expert in Juvenile Law. I am committed to excellence and professionalism and serve as a leader in my legal community. I cherish my client relationships and strive to be the first call for a person in need of legal help. Even if I cannot help, I am happy to get you to the best person for the job.

Media and Honors

Spring Break 2023

SB23 is almost here!  Last year we were bundled up in snow gear, this year, we are heading to the lowcountry. For us, vacations are

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Dr. Seuss Party

My son is learning to read and Dr. Seuss is read a lot in our house. His school does a very cute annual Green Eggs

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Feathered Finds

This time of year makes me want to wear feathers. Why? No idea! But feathers are everywhere right now. Shop my feathered finds below.

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Legal Correspondent

Monday was very exciting around Plata Schott Law –  Both Belkis (my law partner) and I were on the local news discussing the Aiden Fucci trial

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Taverna is our go-to for brunch, lunch, and dinner. It’s a rustic Italian restaurant in San Marco that did its predecessor, Café Carmon, justice. I

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