To Choose or Not to Choose, that’s the Constitutional Question

If you want a constitutional right to medical choice to have an abortion or not get a vaccine, you're going to have to rely on the same precedent and give your political rival the same right. The sooner we realize that, and start working together to retain privacy in medical choice, the faster we can secure rights for all. 

How I shop big sales {and save}.

I shop just a few sales in annually and buy everything I need to save money and maximize my financial goals.

I’m not always available and that’s ok.

As an attorney, I take the balance of being “on” and turning “off'” very, very seriously. I want to enjoy retirement and not ruin my…

How I Set {and Achieve} Goals

On the first day of the year I always find time to sit down and set my goals. It’s an important ritual that my parents…

Small Businesses Need Us More Than Ever

It will take a while for our community to recover, and all of our community small businesses are very much at risk until the restrictions cease. So this Small Business Saturday, give as much as you can to small businesses.

Confession: I Didn’t Change My Last Name

Changing your name, especially when you've already put yourself out into the world and made a name for yourself professional is really, really hard. The right choice is that choice that you feel more comfortable with.

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