How I avoid makeup separation


It’s Fall, Y’all!

Guuuuuys…It’s fall! Officially my favorite season, and I am here for it. I love the football, the cooler weather, all…

Tied Up Like A…

Suddenly I am into bows. There are a ton of beautiful pieces for Fall with bows in all sizes. I…

Long Live the Queen

It’s strange to think that Americans are mourning the loss of a British Monarch, but here we are. As a…

That Day

I remember. I remember A.P. U.S. History joining A.P. U.S. Government in their classroom to huddle around a television to…

Gameday 2022: Orange

One thing about me is that I love orange. This fall, orange is everywhere. Give me a highlighter orange, and I am…

Last Week's Forecast

Gameday 2022: Blue

Gameday 2022: Teal

Gameday 2022: Black

Gameday 2022: Jaguar Print

Gameday 2022: Gold

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I'm an award-winning, expert attorney in Jacksonville, Florida. I represent professional women and their families who are injured or arrested in Florida. I love my job and am proud to have a career, but when I became a mother, I learned that working moms are uniquely tasked with having to achieve "balance." (whatever that is.) What I really wanted was freedom - freedom to practice law in a way that works for me and my family. Through the support and advice of other working moms, I have found success by developing a personal brand that allows me to create my own clients and practice law in a way that gives me freedom. Now it's my turn to help other lawyer moms learn how to do the same and make it Rain(ka).

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Designer Dupes: Bottega

As promised, this week, I am sharing the dupes that you can find on Amazon and beyond. Bottega is an…

Pour One Out for #BamaRush

I am officially a TikToker, but I obviously watch more than I create and this year, Bama Rush got me…

Mom’s Happy Hour

One of the many things I missed thanks to COVID was getting to know the parents at my son’s school.…

Cowford Chophouse

Arguably the most incredible location in Jacksonville from a historical perspective, this is one of our favorite special occasion steakhouses…

Low-Budget Kitchen Renovation

A few months ago, I came across a Reel where someone painted their countertops to make them look like white…

Designer Dupes

Beyonce shook up the fashion world this week when she said, “them shits in storage.”  Then this creator on TikTok…