Professional Holiday Party Style

Whether you’re a professional holiday party goer, or you’re a professional who has to go to a holiday party, what…

Faux Fir

As much as I love a real Christmas tree, I finally broke down and bough a faux tree this year.…

If It Comes In Another Color

There are a quite a few articles of clothing that I’ve found, liked and bought in multiple colors. These items…

Sweater Dress Debut

It’s finally cold enough to wear cashmere and wool, so I can share the dress that I bought in SEPTEMBER…

Sustainable Gifts

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering, “WTF is a sustainable gift?” I had to look this up. It’s…

Flaunting the First Coast

It’s finally here! My favorite fundraiser / gala is back and better than every. Most of you may already know…

Last Week's Forecast

Oh What Fun – Minted Holiday Cards

My Favorite Holiday Tradition

Turkey Day

Obligatory Holiday Shopping Post

Faux Leather

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I'm an award-winning, expert attorney in Jacksonville, Florida. I represent professional women and their families who are injured or arrested in Florida. I love my job and am proud to have a career, but when I became a mother, I learned that working moms are uniquely tasked with having to achieve "balance." (whatever that is.) What I really wanted was freedom - freedom to practice law in a way that works for me and my family. Through the support and advice of other working moms, I have found success by developing a personal brand that allows me to create my own clients and practice law in a way that gives me freedom. Now it's my turn to help other lawyer moms learn how to do the same and make it Rain(ka).

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Don’t Believe the Florida Influencers

If you’re following a Florida influencer who is wearing cute, cozy fall looks right now… they are lying to you!…

Fall Family Photos (that will end up on my Holiday Cards)

It’s that time of year, y’all! I just booked my family photos and I am digging in everyone else’s closet…

Last Disco 🪩

This week, I head back to Palm Beach for a bachelorette party that I’ve been planning with my sister for…

Libra SZN

It’s Libra season, which means it’s also my birthday month. I love October to my core and it’s not just because I…

Having a Pink Moment

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I am really into hot pink right now. It’s it too bold of me to say…