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#NSale 2019: My Must-Haves

Are you excited?? I found my Nordstrom Card, and I am ready to save on my favorite Nordstrom brands for me like Spanx, Halogen, BP, Tory Burch, and Steven Madden. I am a creature of habit so that I can be super efficient, and my goals for the Nordstrom Sale are to stock up on everything that I have worn out or used up.

How to Do the MOST with Your Credit

10 years ago, I was living waaaaaaaaay outside my means. My very generous parents were giving me a monthly allowance for living expenses, but they provided for needs … not all of my wants. I was in my final year…

How to Find Childcare on Vacation

Last year, I did something liberating – I hired a babysitter on vacation! I worked for a summer at Chatham Bars Inn in Massachusetts and the hotel informally connected employees with guests to babysit. Flash forward ten years, there are…

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Welcome! I'm Shannon Schott, an award-winning attorney, full-time working mom to a busy toddler and wife to Mr. Make It Rainka. I'm sharing anything and everything that I know about making your life easier, a little more glam or both.

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Travel Guide: Summer in Boston

I have great childhood memories of my time in Boston, but as I have gotten older it’s clear that Boston (especially at night) is most enjoyable without kids

Fourth of July on the Cape

If you’re heading to Cape Cod this Fourth of July week, make your way over to Chatham that morning for a party full of stars and stripes.

My Sister’s Wedding

the day was perfect. Father Nick at Greek Orthodox church was one of the best officiants that I have ever heard at a wedding. We were all in joyous tears!


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