I work so my skin can have its best life.  I noticed that I had terrible crow’s feet around 25, and I was diagnosed with skin cancer at 27. So my skin care is a lot of undoing the damage for years of not wearing sunscreen and (eek!) tanning beds. So embarrassing, I know. 

I tried clean beauty, but without chemicals my hyper pigmentation goes a little crazy. Prior to this week, I have tried botox, disport, filler (once), intense pulse light lasers, and  fraxel lasers.  Botox is 10/10 and a great solution of wrinkles, but I will never use dysport again. My bigger concern has been loss of volume (collagen). The lasers are a great way to literally peel off damage, and the fraxel laser can stimulate collagen but there’s serious down time and you have to avoid sun.  I couldn’t do fillers…but I was desperate to restore volume. Enter Sculptra

This week I decided to try Sculptra. My face and mouth were numbed and Dr. Howard at First Coast MOHs injected the poly-L-lactic Acid under the muscles. Yes, it hurt, but mostly it was the pinch of the needle. I’ve had a little headache and my face was a little sore this week. I have to massage my face upwards every three hours for five minutes for five days to make sure that the PLL doesn’t clump. I use my crystal gua sha tool to do the trick. 

The results are natural and slow…in about 16 weeks you’ll really be able to see the results which will last for two years. Unlike fillers, your face cannot get puffy, so I am excited for a long-term solution to loss of volume. 

Interestingly, to maximize results it is recommended to add protein to my diet and of course drink as minimally as possible. I actually researched “healthy” alcohol, so when you see me sipping tequila and water this summer, you’ll know why!

I’ll share all the progress on my Insta! 


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